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  • © Nalu Ceramics
    Created and manufactured in Sweden.
    The printshop is marked with ”The Nordic Swan Ecolabel”
    and the paper is environmentally friendly.
    Please separate the wire from the paper when recyled.

    Nalu Ceramics monthly donates to WWF,
    to save our oceans [marine ecosystems].
    WWF focus on two areas:
    ”Finding the solutions to fix broken global systems
    that lead to declines in nature while protecting those places
    that wildlife and people can’t live without.”
    ”250+ million people depend on ocean ecosystems
    for coastal protection and livelihoods.” *

    Together we make the change for a better world!

    Nalu Ceramics  - Creating for the Ocean


    * Quotes from

    Kiln Journal

    95,00 krPris
    • Snart slut på lager, åter i lager hösten 2022.

      Anteckningsbok för dig som vill ha koll på din ugn, program, grader och tider. Det finns även plats för skisser av konerna som kommer ur ugnen samt anteckningar.

      50 sidor. På enkel engelska för att passa alla nordiska länder.

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